Croton TU Annual New Member Picnic

On May 10th, Croton Watershed TU hosted its first annual new member picnic at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River. Earlier in the day, students of the TU fishing class and their guides hit the local rivers and, after practicing their new skills, met up with approximately 50 members/prospective members for a free barbecue, fly tying demos, and a casting seminar. This was a fun event to be involved in. The chapter used the opportunity to provide information to members about its activities and how to get more involved – all while having a fun time and enjoying some great food. The picnic received excellent feedback from attendees and I’m looking forward to doing it all over again next year!



Delaware Float Trip

On April 24th I went out on my annual float trip with Ken from the Baxter House. I usually go a week earlier, but, when I booked it last year, I moved it out a week later to better my chances of seeing more bugs on the water. But alas, this year was not a good year to hit the Delaware early season, even in late April. Nonetheless, Ken still had me hook into a few fish. The water was high and cold, so I swung streamers all day, which finally started paying off in the afternoon. Nothing big, but still a lot of fun. Ken did a great job, as always. I even got to see him tie a few of the streamers before we headed out. Really cool stuff.

P1010249 P1010250P1010246

Croton TU Annual Dinner – March 8, 2014

If you haven’t already done so, please try to support the Croton TU chapter by attending our annual dinner on Saturday, March 8, 2014. The dinner is one of our most important fundraising events of the year and helps pay for speakers, monthly meeting space, and, most importantly, equipment and supplies for students and participants in our TU initiatives, such as Trout in the Classroom and Project Healing Waters.

Of course, you could always pay for a ticket and not attend, which is possible, but then you would miss out on the action on 20+ (22 at the moment) raffles and drawings, which include things like rods, reels, bags, etc. (and I’m talking some top of the line stuff, here – Sage, Fishpond, Orvis, etc.). You’ll also have the chance to bid on some sweet guided trips from some of the best guides in the area.

Tickets to the dinner are $75 a person and there will be a cash bar. You can purchase your tickets here. Hope to see you there!!!

Long time, no see

I’m going to attempt to consolidate a few posts into one (well, its not like I haven’t been doing anything!). First, I’ve been spending a lot of time working with the Croton Watershed Trout Unlimited Chapter, assisting with our new website, conducting casting lessons at the NY Trout in the Classroom teacher conference in October, and writing an article for the latest newsletter (please make sure you check out the new Croton TU website and create your username/password, which will allow you to see more content, including things like posting wanted/for sale messages and ‘find a fishing buddy’). The new website was demo’d at the holiday party this past Thursday by Bob Wesolowski, where I also won this sweet new hat:


I’ve also been building up some of my streamer inventory. The first two pictures (below) are of my streamer box, of which about 90% are new streamers I ordered from Rich Strolis. The second picture is a sampling of the Sirloin (left) and Ausable Ugly (right) I ordered from Rich Garfield. You can learn how to tie the Ausable Ugly here.

DSC_0054 DSC_0055DSC_0056

In November, I went out with the Mianus TU guys to the Naugatuck River for some Atlantic Salmon fishing. This was my first time fishing for Atlantic Salmon and didn’t catch anything, but will definitely be heading back here next year. Thanks to Jeff Yates and the guys from Mianus TU for putting this trip together, it was a lot of fun.

And lastly, given the warmer temperatures this past weekend, I hit up the Norwalk and the East Branch Croton Rivers, with no success. I had the Norwalk all to myself (aside from some joggers), while the East Branch was about 10 cars thick by the Sodom Rd pull-off. Anyway, it was still fun to get outside and enjoy the good weather.

Upcoming events:

Project Healing Waters – Volunteers needed for the Project Healing Waters program at the Montrose VA hospital (fly tying/rod building – no experience necessary). When: the first and third Thursdays of the month. To volunteer contact me and I will put you in touch with the project lead.

1/1 – Mianus TU New Year’s Day Trip to the Mill River

1/14 – Mianus TU Fly Tying Clinic and Chapter Meeting 

1/23 – Croton TU Chapter Meeting – Presentation by fly tyer and guide Dave Brandt

1/24-1/26 – Somerset Fly Fishing Show

3/8 – Croton TU Annual Dinner

March (TBD) – Fly Fishing Film Tour, NYC

May (TBD) – Croton TU – Spruce Creek and West Branch Angler trips (open to Croton TU members only)

Round Lake

This past weekend we took a trip “upstate” to visit my parents and I was able to steal two hours early Saturday morning to try out one of the spots I’ve been eyeing, a small tributary at the North end of Round Lake (this is about two minutes from where we were staying).

Once I got there I noticed that the water was not really what I was used to, it was very slow and stagnant. But since I was looking to catch some smallies, it was worth a shot anyway. In the end, I was able to hook up with a few smallies and a whole mess of sunfish, which were fun, but didn’t really provide any difficult fishing. More importantly, I took some time to explore a little for my next visit and bushwhacked my way a little further towards the lake. Looming around were some giant carp, which I took a stab at, but wasn’t able to hook. Given how convenient it is when I’m visiting my parents and the unexpected presence of some giant fish, I’ll definately be back.


Mianus TU Housatonic Trip: Beers and Brats

Thanks to the Mianus TU for a great day last weekend catching smallmouth on the Housatonic. It was crowded, but the fishing was still great and the crowd was very friendly. My favorite things about this trip: 1) my first double hookup on two streamers; 2) Beer; 3) Brats; and 4) German music.

View Downstream:


View Upstream:


My First Double:


The fishing was actually really great. I teamed up with my new buddy, Jim, and we had a lot of action once we crossed the river and hiked a little bit. The water was a little cloudy and small steamers (crayfish imitations and olive woolie buggers) seemed to work well all day.

The highlight of the day, though, was meeting up with the group at the Old Heidelberg Restaurant in Bethel, Ct.. TU arranged for some pre-fix beer and brats, which were out of this world. I loved this place so much that I’ve convinced my family to head out there soon for some Oktoberfesting:

photo 1 photo 2