Round Lake

This past weekend we took a trip “upstate” to visit my parents and I was able to steal two hours early Saturday morning to try out one of the spots I’ve been eyeing, a small tributary at the North end of Round Lake (this is about two minutes from where we were staying).

Once I got there I noticed that the water was not really what I was used to, it was very slow and stagnant. But since I was looking to catch some smallies, it was worth a shot anyway. In the end, I was able to hook up with a few smallies and a whole mess of sunfish, which were fun, but didn’t really provide any difficult fishing. More importantly, I took some time to explore a little for my next visit and bushwhacked my way a little further towards the lake. Looming around were some giant carp, which I took a stab at, but wasn’t able to hook. Given how convenient it is when I’m visiting my parents and the unexpected presence of some giant fish, I’ll definately be back.