Mianus TU Housatonic Trip: Beers and Brats

Thanks to the Mianus TU for a great day last weekend catching smallmouth on the Housatonic. It was crowded, but the fishing was still great and the crowd was very friendly. My favorite things about this trip: 1) my first double hookup on two streamers; 2) Beer; 3) Brats; and 4) German music.

View Downstream:


View Upstream:


My First Double:


The fishing was actually really great. I teamed up with my new buddy, Jim, and we had a lot of action once we crossed the river and hiked a little bit. The water was a little cloudy and small steamers (crayfish imitations and olive woolie buggers) seemed to work well all day.

The highlight of the day, though, was meeting up with the group at the Old Heidelberg Restaurant in Bethel, Ct.. TU arranged for some pre-fix beer and brats, which were out of this world. I loved this place so much that I’ve convinced my family to head out there soon for some Oktoberfesting:

photo 1 photo 2


Delaware Day Trip and Jubilee

This past Saturday, I took a day trip to the Delaware. Once I got to Roscoe, I stopped in at the Baxter House to speak with Ken and pick up a few flies. After that, I decided to quickly check out the Catskill Fly Fishing Center‘s Summerfest Jubilee:


It was fun to walk around and see the old fishing tackle/gear and some of the paintings by the local artists, all of which were for sale. Also, there seemed to be some good deals as folks were walking out with armfuls of old rods. However, I wasn’t really in the market for anything and, eventually, found myself feeling as if I was wasting precious time. I decided to come back next year and headed to the water right away.

I picked a spot near the upper-lower-East branch that I’ve been to before and found a whole bunch of these guys on the rocks, I believe they were stonefly exoskeletons. I wonder how long ago they hatched:


I thought it may rain, but it turned out to be a beautiful day. I caught a small brown and a small rainbow, which seemed to have gotten injured at some point in the past (you can see this in the picture – looks like some puss formed over the wound). I also hooked a big brown, but it threw the hook right away. Looked good though. Some of you may recognize the location:

P1000256 P1000263 P1000258 P1000260

I took some underwater pics on my way out and found these guys, I believe they are a whole mish-mosh of caddis and mayfly larva, but not sure what that thing on top of the rock is. Let me know if you can figure it out. May just be some sort of vegetation, hopefully its not some more rock snot:

P1000267 P1000264

A Few Weeks of “Firsts”

A few things to catch up on… First of all, a few weeks ago I headed out again to LI Sound (Holly Pond) in CT with guide Jeff Yates for another whack at catching that first striped bass and finally got one! Not that big, but it was the first of what I hope to be a lot more. Jeff wasn’t joking about how strong these guys are, even at this size. If you haven’t yet fly fished for striped bass, you’re missing out and you should give Jeff a call to set up a few days on the Sound. Even though you should be prepared to put in some time on the water, good things come to those who wait:

photo 6 photo 7

Also, while on our Adirondack vacation two weeks ago, my son caught his first fish! He wasn’t using a fly rod, but did pretty well with his $12 Spider Man rig. It was what we called “a Joey sized fish”. While we were up there, I wanted to take a day to myself on the Ausable, but it was too hot to fish:

photo 10

photo 9

And finally, last Friday I attended a great presentation at the NYC Orvis store by Rob Ceccarini (Downtown Trout) about fly fishing for carp.  Very good hints and tips were given by Rob, who loves fishing our local waters for these suckers. Its pretty crazy that some of the best places to go are places you wouldn’t really think to fly fish, like the Bronx River. Here is a pic of some of the flies he uses:

photo 8

I hope to get out and do some fishing this weekend and, perhaps, check out the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum “Summerfest” and Hardy Cup tomorrow. Hopefully the weather cooperates.