Ole Ole, Ole Ole, Ole Ole, Ole Ole. Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Long time, no write! Sorry about that. Its been a crazy few weeks and extremely hot outside, so, as I usually react, when its too hot, I don’t feel like doing much at all, including sitting at a computer. However, I actually did get some fishing in lately.

On the trout side of things, I headed out to the East Branch Croton about two weeks ago and was able to score a few small browns near and under Borden Bridge. The flow was crazy high given all the rain we had, but I was able to hook some small browns on a pheasant tail with a green caddis pupa in tandem. I also tried a streamer for a little while, but no luck. I had enough time to take a little hike upstream of the bridge and was surprised by all the white water I was seeing. That area is usually pretty rough, but I had never seen it like that before. It sounded and looked like a mini Niagara Falls. Be careful with the heat, though. Even a few seconds out of the water on days like we’ve had lately could be fatal to the fish. If its too hot, don’t go. I happened to luck out going before the latest heat wave.

On the non-trout side of things, I’ve been doing a little exploration lately. For one, I’ve been spending a few days with guide, Mianus TU chapter president, and fly fishing extraordinaire, Jeff Yates, to learn the ins and outs of fly fishing for striped bass on Long Island Sound. I’ve learned a lot so far (key access sites, parking tips, what to use, when to go, etc.), but have only been able to hook sea robins so far. We’ve seen stripers and blues feeding, but I really need to get my casting in order so that I can make it out to where the fish are. Its pretty tough going so far, but Jeff has been great at showing me some casting tips and I think I’ve been making some good progress. I have another day or two planned with Jeff this summer and, as he says, he won’t give up until I catch at least four stripers! Also, some of these places are extremely beautiful. So when your not fishing, your soaking in the great views. I’ve already showed my wife and she plans to bring the kids out to some of the beaches asap. Here are some pics (That’s me in the rainbow. No gold.):

photo 3 photo2 photo 4

On another non-trout note, I have been thinking of trying for some carp lately. Rob Ceccarini (Downtown Trout) has been having a great time and posting some nice pics on his Facebook of the hogs he’s caught in some local water that you would never think of fishing (or, at least, it wouldn’t be your first choice…). Also, if you haven’t seen the article about fly fishing in Central Park in the latest Drake, you should check it out. It opened my eyes to some more great, local, fly fishing opportunities.

On the calendar:

The Croton TU is planning an outing on July 24th on the Farmington. For more information click here. I may not be able to make it as it is on a Wednesday, but head on out if you can. Its free, its fun, its easy (if your a newbie, they’ll pair you up with someone more experienced), and everyone heads out for drinks afterward. Great group of folks too.

The Mianus TU is planning a restoration project for the Norwalk River on July 27th and August 10th and for the Mianus River on August 3rd. For more information click here.