Little J

This past weekend I teamed up with some fellow members of the Croton TU for a 3 night, 4 day trip to the Little Juniata river in PA, staying at the Inn at Edgewater Acres in Alexandria (about a 5 hour drive from White Plains). The accommodations were great, clean and comfortable with a full breakfast included. The bar was also a bonus, which had great service, food and prices. The location was beautiful, with farms all around us and quaint little towns scattered here and there. Also, the fishing was extraordinarily convenient, with the Big J located right in the Inn’s backyard, very close to the junction with its little sister and tons of water. On the first day, I went fishing on the Little J by myself, very close to the Inn:


The next day, one of my fellow TU members (Mike) and I fished with a guide, Leo Vensel, of, fishing from about noon-9pm. Leo was fantastic. He took us to a very productive spot on the Little J, where we were able to hook countless browns while nymphing for most of the day. He also provided lunch, which included brownies for desert, topped with chocolate covered coffee beans (drooling right now….). The following is a 4-step guide to catching and releasing a nice Little J-Brown:

P1020474 P1020475 P1020478 P1020479

In the evening, we switched over to dry flies. There was a fantastic sulphur hatch on, which led to the fish going absolutely ballistic. We tied on a good imitation and had some more fun (pay no attention to my bug-eyes, I had a little incident with some sun block earlier on, which drove me nuts all day):


The next day, we hit up a few more spots, caught a few decent fish, and then headed back to the same spot that Leo took us too the night before. But this time, since it was Saturday, it was a little too crowded. However, I was still able to pull this guy in towards the end of the day:


All in all, it was a great time. The folks from TU were great, I found a great place to stay, found an awesome guide (thanks, Leo!), and will definitely head back as soon as I can. I highly recommend it.

Have a happy Memorial Day!


Pulp Fiction

While I put together a new post about my recent trip to the Little Juniata river in PA, please wonder in amazement at:


I may need to order the tee shirt….. (FYI credit to Tom Chandler’s blog for the idea)