Guided Trip: The Ausable River

From June 19-20, 2012, I headed way up north to the Adirondacks to fish the Ausable River for the first time. I saved some money by booking a campsite at the Wilmington Notch campground. The campground is very clean, has showers/toilets, and is very close to the river. Since I saved some money on accommodations, I was able to hire a local guide, Nick Coppola, of Slickwater Adventures, to show me around for two half-day trips.


Nick was great. We hit up a few spots on day one, but with no luck. However, that evening, I went out on my own and fished the same spots with the same flies and caught a few brown trout. I think it was a little too hot during the day and the fish were waiting to feed until the water was a little cooler. This was all top-water action.



The next day was a lot better. I caught a, truly, uncountable amount of brown trout. Anywhere in size from about 10″ to 16″. The largest right near the campsite. Unfortunately, the only picture I took is the below shot of one of the pools near Wilmington Notch. For dinner I headed into Lake Placid and ate at Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood. Great food and the owner, once he learned that I was a home brewer, asked his son to show me the brewing equipment out back. Great folks.



Book Buying Frenzy

I had already accumulated a few fly fishing books over the past year or two, but on about June 1, 2012, I went on a buying frenzy and bought more fishing books than I will ever need. At least I saved some money by buying used copies through sites like AbeBooks. I doubt I will get through many of these, cover to cover, but I will try to add a review for each one as I get to them.