The Bedford Sportsman Hosts: Tom Connor

On February 25, 2012, The Bedford Sportsman hosted Tom Connor for his annual(?) “Trippin’ with the Deacon” presentation. Tom went through a slide show presentation about destination fly fishing and how to get it done 1) in an organized manner, and 2) for less money than you would pay if going through a lodge or outfitter. Tom also gave out a nice handout which gave a great summary of his tips and tricks, which made note-taking a little easier (I really wanted to right down everything he said!). Great info and a great guy. I highly recommend checking this out next time Tom presents.

Two of my favorite take-aways from the presentation:

  1. Save money by booking a guide for one or two days of your trip, tip him heavily, and ask for tips on where you can fish on your own; and
  2. Bring your own booze. You never know how close the next bodega may be and you may also be blindsided by a “dry town”.

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