Guided Trip: “A Croton Watershed Reservoir”

I left work a little early and met up with Todd from The Bedford Sportsman for their “Row and Throw” on a local reservoir (its been so long that I can’t remember, exactly, what reservoir we fished, but I swear it happened!). It was a little rainy all afternoon, but, by the time I made it out to the shop, it had cleared up enough for us to fish. My goal this trip was to learn how to fly fish for bass and Todd was happy oblige. Todd was also kind enough to attempt to teach me the basics of the double-haul. However, turns out that I was really horrible at that (understatement) and we had to switch over to a spinning rod for the rest of the evening… Todd was great, though, and was patient with me throughout. Unfortunately, the fish weren’t that active. Before we left, Todd pointed out a sulphur hatch (I had never seen one before) and explained a little bit about their life cycle.

Here is a pic of the one fish we caught that day. Not too bad: