Guided Trip: The Bedford Sportsman

I invited my buddy from work, Mike, to do a beginner fly fishing school with The Bedford Sportsman on May 2, 2010. I really wanted to get one of my friends into fly fishing so I had asked Mike and he was game: he has fished before (not fly fishing), hunts, works with me, is an all-around redneck, and his wife is friends with mine – perfect! Since this was my second “schooling” the guys at the Sportsman gave me half price (sweet). We did the same thing as the last time: Ward Pound Ridge – fly casting lessons on the pond and then stream side lessons on Cross River. No luck this time, though. However, Charlie and Todd felt horrible that we didn’t catch anything so they took me and Mike to a nearby pond which, in the prior week, had been stocked and fished for a youth fishing derby. Here I caught my first rainbow. Rigged you say? Whatever. I got me a fish! Too bad… this one wouldn’t revive, so I took it home to eat.

My son loved it:

IMG_2226 IMG_2225