An addiction begins!

My first introduction to fly fishing was at a Beginner Fly Fishing School hosted by Todd and Charles from The Bedford Sportsman. The school was conducted in a small group format, which worked out great because 1) I learned the basics of fly fishing, 2) I spent a lot of time on the water, and 3) since it was a group class, it only cost about 200 bones – all good things for a beginner.

Starting at around 9 am, we met up at the shop and then headed out to the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation near Bedford, NY. Near the entrance to the park, Charlie and Todd helped us “students” set up our rods before we headed down to a small pond for some casting lessons. After learning a basic overhead cast and roll cast, we headed to the Cross River to practice our new techniques. Stream side, Charlie and Todd gave us a tutorial on the types of bugs the fish should be feeding on, some basic knots, and leader management. After the quick tutorial and “gearing up” with some waders and a vest, I was ready to catch some trout! Unfortunately, there didn’t turn out to be much action, probably due to the loud and sloppy wading from the students (this was my first time in waders). That said, I was still able to catch my first trout on a fly!

Too bad I didn’t take any pictures, though… In any event, I highly recommend this school for any beginner. Todd and Charlie were great and easy going. However, I don’t know whether I should still thank them for such a great intro or if I should kick them in the shins, considering how much money I now spend on this sh!t…

These pictures were taken at a later date, almost exactly where I caught my first trout. The brookie pictured below was hiding right below that bridge:

IMG_4367 IMG_436820130129-082956.jpg 20130129-083005.jpg